Strange dishes that you should try

Strange dishes that you should try

Every culture has its type of food that identifies and defines them in every aspect. Food enjoyed from one community might look while tasting strange to another. Just like other continents, there are numerous strange foods here that people enjoy. The tiny details committed by others are the things that make people salivate once served with these dishes. A goat, for example, is known for its meat. Most individuals go for this part leaving out the heads, legs, hooves, and tail.

For almost every ceremony, goats are slaughtered to serve guests. After slaughtering, it is roasted on flames to not only add flavor but also burn off the hair. This hair is used to make brushes in some communities, and in that case, preservation is considered. After that boiling takes place for at least four hours to provide softer and much tender meat. Individuals eat the softer parts of it and consume soup, that is the remaining water used to boil it. This may sound unrealistic, but the goat’s head is afterward split open to ingest everything in it including brains. The best part of it is that the head is boiled for more days as people continue to drink the soup.

In the months of April, May,

Many things happen whenever it rains, and here people take advantage of it to harvest termites. They can be eaten raw with or with their heads removed to taste better. Some prefer cooking them before consuming, frying them on a pan for a much better taste.

In the months of April, May, November, grasshoppers leave their nests flying out for more food. This is a season that residents catch them using nets or buckets, sorting out the day’s meals. Legs and wings are taken off while still breathing, but some prefer taking off their heads first. Once in the pan, they produce their oil saving cooking oil. Salt and pepper are used to spice up after they are cooked ready to eat.

Raring of chicken here has spread

Sea animals are prepared differently considering a few factors like poisonous or non-poisonous. Fish preparation here is done differently for separate types as well as demand. One community prefers boiling it in water spicing up with salt then consumes it. Another tribe deep-fries the fish in cooking oil while adding salt to it. This can be consumed together with rice, vegetables, or many other combinations.

Raring of chicken here has spread into various cities for meat as well as eggs. It is, however, a tradition to slaughter chicken to serve visitors in ceremonies. As much as the best parts are preserved for guests of honor, heads, feet, intestines are never forgotten. They are cleaned separately and more keenly before boiling them for consumption. It is a concern to people about the safety of intestines eating to their health. The secret to tasty intestines is proper cleaning as well as cooking. Most of the time intestines taste like the sauce they are cooked in, nothing strange.

Strange dishes that you should try

Some plants are considered weeds in other parts of the continent. Jute mallow plant is known to be an indigenous vegetable that is consumed by certain communities. It is prepared by boiling in waters and salt, but a few add bicarbonate to increase its cooking speed. This Jute mallow tastes almost bitter and slimy when cooked, consumers might think it is okra. Milk is added for a higher level of taste then served with “ugali”. Ugali, as it is called here, is a cooked mixture of maize flour and water. On the boiling water, maize flour is added while stirring like porridge, until stiff.

Residents adapt to different environments including everything that comes with it. Every land has a fertility rate depending on the available seasons as well as location. This is why plants grow in one area and not in others. Food consumption comes from the availability of these food types, one cannot consume something that is not accessible. Therefore, continuous consumption leads to more familiarity hence getting used to it. When another type of food is presented at that moment, it looks strange and hard to consume. To get to try other dishes unavailable in your country, plan a trip to other communities as you experience the good, bad sides of each one of them.