Best Countries for Fast Food Business

Best Countries for Fast Food Business

Before diving into which country is the best for the fast food business, we need to understand what fast food is. Even though any food can be cooked swiftly, Fast-food is defined as mass-produced food for commercial resale. Priority is placed on service speed compared to other factors involved in food science. Initially, fast food was created as a commercial strategy to serve travelers, commuters, and people working for daily pay who did not have enough time to prepare for them as they sit. Speed was made the priority to avoid inconvenience by waiting for the food to be prepared on the spot, as is usually done in restaurants.

As the days go by, people do not have spare time anymore to wait for or prepare food like was the case in the past. People are now eating or grabbing a bite wherever, whenever they can. Junk food is made easy for digestion, tasteful, and cost friendly. Countries that consume the most junk food would be the best to start the fast food business.

Following Japan Earthquake in 2011, the

In Sweden, junk food chain stores prepare temporary menus to entice repeat customers. Temporary menus increase public awareness about the fast food chain store. Short time Menus are available for a month only and are widely advertised. Sweden has decided to reduce VAT on foodservice by 12 percent. Consequently, the industry is expected to expand. Companies in Germany have invested in research and development for nutritious alternatives.

Following Japan Earthquake in 2011, the food sector in Japan experienced positive growth. Therefore, consumers decreased their energy consumption at home, seeking home-cooked meals, which they found in fast food restaurants. South Korea faced an economic crisis forcing Koreans to look for cheaper options, with the fast food industry benefiting the most. The United Kingdom requires fast food companies to sign up for the Public Health Responsibility Deal, which requires one to come up with healthier items.

Best Countries for Fast Food Business

Canada has seen an increase in burger stores while chicken and Ice Cream stores are suffering. France is known for its fine dining etiquette with classy, albeit expensive, restaurants. Lunch hours in France are shrinking to breaks of 22 minutes, not being enough to eat a multi course meal.

The United States is where most fast food is eaten. Burgers are trendy, taking up more than fifty percent of total fast food expenditure in the country. Total industry sales are increasing as the country introduces healthier menus. The country to begin a fast food company can be determined by their goals.